Innovative food and/or drink products


The following business proposal is suitable for:-

  • Companies wanting to introduce a new product within their existing range.
  • Companies wanting to diversify and branch into something completely new.
  • Private individual(s) wanting to formulate a new business.
  • Business investor(s).
  • Co-operative business. Private individual(s), companies and business investor(s) wanting to invest in the business, via shares, and thus share the percentage of profits invested, a minimum share value of £1500 is required (=1%). Expressions of interest invited.

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Innovative food and/or drink products…

with substantial international potential, with added bonus.



An estimated investment of £150K – £225K (50% contingency), is required for the production of innovative food and/or drink products for human consumption, based in the UK that has several advantages over current products.

These food and drink products have a lot of market potential and large commercial appeal, ideal for companies wishing to expand and/or compliment their existing range of products.

Intellectual property

These products are not patentable, and neither are the manufacturing processes.

A patent attorney can usually advise if the products/business merits an application for:

  • Design Right.
  • Design Registration.
  • Trade Mark.
  • Copyright.


1. These food and/or drink products are non-gender specific.

2. Suitable for all ages.

3. There are no consumer preferences for ‘regional differences’ in the UK or overseas.

4. There is no restrictions as to when the best time to start marketing these products.

5. Market research has been completed to establish a potential market for these products.

6. These products are original and saleable.

7. I have identified several problems, that enough people experience to warrant these range of products, dedicated to its solution, offering several clear advantages.

8. The potential reward from this business is much greater than the cost and risk involved in getting these products onto the market.

9. These products have a positive chance of success in today’s market.

10. There are no restrictions regarding storage and transportation. These products can be stored and transported at room temperature.

11. These food products, require no baking.

12. Expiry dates will apply.

13. The aim is that, the initial investment should be recouped in 12-18 months, from the commencement of trading.

14. Maximum RRP £1.00/unit.


Trade exhibitions

The Food and Drink Expo is a UK trade exhibition for the food and drink sector, including manufacturing. Website:

Example of UK markets

1. National supermarkets, superstores or hypermarkets. There are 7,970 outlets in the UK.

2. National large chain fast food outlets, e.g. McDonalds having 1,193 outlets in the UK.

3. Pubs.

4. Night clubs/Casinos.

5. Off-licenses. There are 3677 outlets in the UK.

6. Golf clubs.

7. Hotels and Holiday Resorts.

8. Air lines.

9. Cruise liners/ferries.

10. Luxury trains.

11. Chain restaurants, restaurants and casual dining restaurants. There are over 25,500 outlets in the UK.

12. Catering suppliers.

13. Cafés and chain coffee shops and independent coffee shops.

14. Sandwich shops.

15. Discounter supermarket stores. There are 1,240 outlets in the UK.

16. Co-ops. There are 1402 outlets in the UK.

17. Independent supermarkets.

18. Symbol groups, franchised stores owned by independent retailers. There are 16,072 outlets in the UK.

19. Convenience store multiples. There are 2912 outlets in the UK.

20. Independent convenience stores. There are 20,351 outlets in the UK.


Sales of these products can be sold via various distributors.


Product(s) that do not rely on one or more of the big four… Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys or Tesco, for business orders.

Royal Warrants

Product(s) that have a strong possibility of obtaining a Royal Warrant, by supplying the royal family after trading 5 out of 7 years. For more terms and conditions, please visit:-

A Royal Warrant can:-

  1. Usually command higher prices for all your products.
  2. Increase the profile of your company in the marketplace.
  3. Attract customers who prefer to buy products with the royal warrant logo.


Royal Warrant_01


Because these products and the manufacturing process is not patentable, it is recommended to expand the market quickly, both here in the UK and overseas, to become the market leader. This business is not suitable for franchise.

Expanding availability globally, ideally having manufacturing and distributing depots in America, South America, Canada, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa, and Russia.

Health and Safety

1. The Food Standards Agency (FSA), responsible food safety. Website:

2. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), responsible for labelling. Website:

3. Department for Health, responsible for nutrition.

Also see guides for:

(i) Food Safety Act 1990

(ii) Food Hygiene Regulations 2006

(iii) General Food Regulations 2004

(iv) Food Labelling Regulations 1996

(v) Weights and Measures Act 1985

Under the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006, all businesses supplying food and drink must register with the environmental health department of their local authority.

Following registration, 28 days prior to trading, a local authority Environmental Health Officer will inspect the proposed food and drink preparation and storage areas.

Market Research & Competitor Analysis

My extensive market research has shown that there are no food and drink products of a comparative nature available anywhere in the world at this time. Consequently the Unique Selling Point (USP) is that these products are totally unique.

What the business requires

1. Business premises.

  • Suitable for preparing food and drink products.
  • An estimated 300m2 – 400m2 (≡3200ft2 – 4300ft2) of floor space is required.
  • There is no UK requirement in relation to the location of business premises from which to operate.

2. Staff plans.

  • 5-6 personnel to start, expanding to 20-24, depending on demand, *per factory.

3. Manufacturing equipment and installation costs.

4. Forklift truck.

5. Storage shelves.

6. Cardboard boxes, packaging for distribution.

7. Materials and stock.

8. Website.

9. Miscellaneous production equipment and machinery.

10. Professional fees.

11. Design fees.

12. Office computers and miscellaneous office equipment, etc.

13. A marketing design company to develop a registerable design identity for these products.

Annual sales overview

Sales figures are envisaged to be consistent throughout the year, and that there will be increased sales activity at seasonal times of the year, even overseas.

Market assessment

1. According to the Peach Business Tracker, which monitors the performance of the UK’s eating out market, research saw sales rise by 2% in 2010.

2. According to the UK Restaurant Leader Report 2010, 42% of industry executives believe that there will be a growth in healthy eating and drinking concepts within the eating/drinking out market.

3. The amount spent on eating and drinking out in 2010 in the UK was £40.5 billion, an increase of 1% according to Allegra Strategies, forecast to reach £49 billion by 2015.

4. Some of the current trends and influences currently affecting the eating and drinking market include:

  • Health conscious people.
  • Local sourcing of ingredients.
  • Convenience.

5. To break through the ‘so what?’ barriers and routine habits, it will be necessary to publicise the several clear advantages, that these products offer, using TV, magazines, etc., changing attitudes.

Exit Strategy

* To supply a unique and exclusive market.

Size of the market

There are around 91,500 food and grocery stores in the UK, and the market is valued at £150 billion.


There are several theories regarding how-to publicize these products, when they reach the market, including TV appeal.

“Developing innovated products demands a spread of skills that few individuals possess.”

Should you have any queries, or would prefer to discuss these innovated food and/or drink products in person, or if you can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the e-mail address below.

Terms and Conditions

1st. Heads of agreement.

leading to,

2nd. Full legal agreement.

Fee applies.

Useful publications

1. Morning Advertiser.

2. Tandori.

3. Essential Catering.

4. Café Magazine.

Contact details




7 Caer Castell Place



South Wales

Great Britain


Tel: TBA


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